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Default E7 vs E10 + E6 vs E17

which would be the best value? bang-for-buck in otherwords?

Im kind of leaning towards the E10+E6. Is the E17 significantly better sounding than the E10? if not, i can live with E6 being a lesser portable amp than E17 as my primary concern right now is a good dac.

or if there are other products you would suggest, please suggest. they will be for use with my laptop, to bypass the onboard completely as i dont want to have anything to do with that tinny junk ever again. I'll be using earbuds, Yuin pk3s or mx580
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I see little if any need for a portable amp with earbuds... If you were carrying around full size cans maybe, but earbuds?
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Originally Posted by cradle_emperor View Post
which would be the best value? bang-for-buck in otherwords?
Buying better headphones. Amps aren't nearly so important.
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