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Default (R0) Problems with ID3 Tags

I'm running into uses with tags and cover art not being recognized by my R0. I am using MP3Tag to retag all my music and am using ID3v2.3 (or ID3v1 ID3v1.3). I can usually get the title to show up, but its random if the album, artist, or cover art show up. I have a number of older MP3s with the same ID3 version tags and everything show up. I had this problem back on my Sansa Fuze, but I thought it was because they weren't tagged properly.

I'd upload one of the files, but pretty sure that would be frowned upon. Has anyone run into this problem and/or know how to fix it?
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An alternative to uploading the file if you don't want to do that is to take a screenshot of them in mp3tag. Are you sure you have it set to ID3v2.3? IIRC, I think I had to change it to 2.3 because it was on 2.4 when I installed it, but I'm not sure. Been a long time since that first run.

If you delete the problem files from your device and resync them, do the same files lack the same information? If not, it's a problem with syncing, not the tags themselves.
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Try manual library update...If you are in msc mode (normal usb storage) that could be possible
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A manual library update seems to have fixed the problem. Forgot about how some players don't recheck files during auto update to save on time.
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