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Default Apt-x Bluetooth Home Audio Setup?

Hi guys,

After buying and being impressed with creatives ziisound d5 bluetooth apt-x speaker I am considering the following setup, but before i commit to purchases I just want to check with some other knowledgable people as to whether I have forgotton anything or indeed my intentions work.

What I already have is:

x1 Creative Ziisound D5 Apt-x Bluetooth Speaker (pretty portable tho still uses AC Power)
x1 Creative USB Apt-x Bluetooth Transmitter Dongle (for pc's and laptops etc)
x2 Creative Ipod/Iphone/Itouch/Ipad Apt-x Bluetooth Transmitter Dongle
x1 Ipad 2
x1 Eeepc 1000HA Netbook
x1 Desktop PC
x1 Logitechs Z-5500 5.1 Surround Sound System (connected to Desktop PC via analogue inputs, connected to PS3 via Digital Connection, **only Coaxial Connection is left unused**)
x1 PS3

Now i don't list these items as a brag, I just think it may be important to mention all my gizmos before continuing as perhaps one of the devices could be used differently or better.

What I plan on buying are these two components:

x1 QED uPlay Bluetooth Receiver - With Apt-X and Bluecore5 (

x1 Digital Audio Converter: 2RCA Analogue Audio to TOSLINK and Digital Coaxial (

My thinking is this. Could I connect the QED bluetooth receiver (which has the important APT-X bluetooth tech which sounds MUCH better) to the Digital Audio Converter and then through using a coaxial cable connect it to my logitech 5.1 surround sound system (which has a digital coaxial input free/available). Then using the dongles I have stream music wireless from an ipod/ipad/netbook etc to the logitech 5.1 system? This should work shouldn't it (of course provided I have the z-5500 input set to coaxial and not analogue (pc) or digital (PS3))?


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