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Default It has been a long time.

It's sad to read these forums, it feels like a ghost town. However, I still use my Samsung P2 as my primary mp3 player, but I have turned to the dark side within the last year. I bought an iPad in June, and it does everything well- except for music. That is why I will always avoid at all means to buy an iPod. On the bright side, I've had my P2 since 2007 and it still plays music like a charm.
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It is a bit sad isn't it? I remember back in 08 when this forum was filled with active users and new interesting information. Spent countless days and night on this forum.
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I've always tried to keep the subforums alive and I'm always here to talk about any Samsung DAP I own, that means about almost any player but heh if nobody is willing to talk about them with me...
I'm French^^ *GenerationMP3 Samsung Moderator*
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Yes its been YEARS! I still use my P2 as well, brilliant that it has lasted so long. But honestly compared to anything else, the touch-screen isn't that great :P. Its fine but I would prefer some other way to navigate through music. Samsung just put the touch screen for name sake.

But I still love my P2 for its awesome battery life, sound quality, resistant to abuse & the fact its still alive

I still remember those days when all of us were mental about bluewave updates xD
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Same here. I still use my P2 since all those years and even though Samsung did not innovate much with their touch screen, I am still OK with the product.

But I learned a lesson form that product: I don't ever buy a product which I cannot root, anymore. I did it for my Nook Touch (rooted to Honeycomb) as well as for my cell phone that I got last summer (not rooted yet, but coming soon).

It feels very bad to be stuck with a closed source product for which you are dependent on updates and so, good will of a single company. Open source (even one backed by Google) allows for more user's created innovations.

Still, I don't regret buying a P2. Like death__machine is saying, it stays a good Mp3 player.
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Still use my P2 quite a bit. I have a Galaxy S3 with Pandora/Spotify/etc, but the P2 is what comes with me when I run. And before I got my S3, I took a trip to Texas, the P2 came along with me. Synced it to the bluetooth in the rental, and had full play/pause/back/forward control with the d-pad on the steering wheel. Chewed through the battery pretty quick, but that's what the 12v outlet is for. Great sound quality even over BT.
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