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Default Lots of Cowon love from engadget

Engadget has posted the christmas gift list for PMPs.
I noticed that, unlike usual, the iPods were not given the spotlight, but the Cowons were given lots of attention.
What do you guys think of their list?
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Ah, they're finally getting tired of the ipods? Looks like the brand is starting to suffer from its success and people are getting bored/tired of it?
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nah, but i'm pretty sure there is a cowon fanboi at engadget ( i kinda like that guy, don't know why). he's called Darren Murph he even gave the x7 a somewhat glowing review.

all in all, engadget is infested with apple crack lickers, the biggest being the editor-in-chief.

so, nothing much has changed.
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No iPods? The Touch and the Nano are also on that page.
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That Engadget Christmas list is so utterly random, it almost hurts. Seriously? Popular players like the iPod Touch/Nano, and serious nerd players like the Cowon J3, next to garbage like the Zen Style, X7, and - gasp! - iriver?
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