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Default An Amateur Look At The Brainwavz M2

Quick heads up, I've never written a review before so if this one is the worst you've ever read I have an excuse lol. With that out of way, let me tell you what comes in the box. The M2s are made of some kind of metal (steel I assume) and they feel durable. The design makes them very comfortable to wear although I found the strain relief to be a tad on the long side. The cables on the M2 are very nice and they look durable. I really didn't have any issues with microphonics the few times I walked using these so your mileage may vary. Alongside the earphones, you get a nice selection of tips: 3 pairs fake Sony hybrids and 3 Shure Olive-like tips. They are in the usual size of small, medium, and large. I have never had the real version of the Sony hybrid tips, but I assume these are just as good based on what I've read. Also included are earhooks and a clamshell case. I didn't find much use for the earhooks as I like wearing the M2 down instead of behind the ear. The clamshell case is decent. I don't use it for anything else besides storing the stuff the M2 came with. Moving on to the sound....

Disclaimer: I'm not good at describing sound so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

I mainly use these earphones straight out of a Rockboxed Sansa Fuze with no EQ on. I'm no audiophile, but this combo sounds pretty damn good to my ears. These earphones aren't detail oriented, but enough detail is there to not make it feel like something is missing. With my previous earphones, the Meelectronics M9 and later on M6, I found that I always had to adjust the treble. On some songs, there was too much treble and on others, there wasn't enough treble. I don't have this problem with M2. They seem to "just right." I'm not saying they're perfect, but they are the best my wallet has allowed me to hear. Those looking for insane amounts of treble should look elsewhere though. Moving on to my favorite part of the M2, the midrange....

Most headphones I've owned have had a lackluster midrange. It was as if the sound was being covered with a veil. With the M2, that veil has been removed and I now enjoy a non-recessed midrange. I would compare the midrange to having decent seats at a concert. While you may not have the front row seats, you can clearly hear what the singer is singing without it being drowned out by instruments in the background. The singer's voice has a presence now instead it just being there. I hope that makes some kind of sense. Another thing I love about the midrange (and the treble and bass too) is that it doesn't overpower anything. It fits in nicely with the other frequencies making one sweet cohesive (and layered) sound. The sound stage on this is solid. Its not wide per se, but more surrounding. Think of it as being in a small room with a surround speaker system.

The bass on the M2 is excellent. Most IEMs I've owned over the years have suffered from extremely boomy and bloated bass. This is the most controlled bass I've ever heard which admittedly isn't saying much since I've heard many of the top line earphones. The bass is very tight, punchy, and has some power if needed. I can listen to rap and have my quality subwoofer bass and on the next song have controlled bass on an acoustic track. The bass on the M2 works well for many genres and I think most people would consider it satisfactory unless they don't like bass or they're bassheads.

This was supposed to be an extremely short take on these earphones, but alas I ended up rambling on and on so I must now conclude. For $60, these are supposed to be terrific according to the reviews I read before buying them. And after having them for a month, I'm inclined to agree with them. The M2's build quality is superb along with the bundled accessories. The sound is also superb. The whole package is well put together. If you're in the market for new IEMs, I strongly urge you to take a look at these.

Quick sum-up

Good mids
Excellent bass
Metal body
Angled Plug
Earphones Tips (hybrids and foam)

Strain relief

Sorry about the lack of pics. I don't have a decent camera on hand.
Current rig: Zune HD 32 + Phonak Audeo Perfect Bass & T-Mobile G2 + Brainwavs M2
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