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Default Gigabeat X where to get one?

Alright I am in the US, west cost to be exact. And I have had my eyes on for a long time on the Gigabeat X but I can't seem to find it on ebay or anywhere else. And no don't suggest the F as it's not the same. I had one but the touch pad needed improvement. The S I didn't like the battery life, and I can't find one on ebay so I may as well try for the X. I know it was out in Australia and Japan so there must be some way I can get one from one of those places released or from warehouse123? Thank you.
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bump please
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On a handful of Gigabeat X players were ever made, and they're long gone. Its a shame, its a nice player. Same insides as the F, but nicer screen.
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@OP: it is a shame the Gigabeat F is a non-starter for you - I recently got a mint condition used one and Rockboxed it immediately. It is quite an excellent player - good/decent hardware made great by Rockbox [as usual]. The touchpad settings under RB works just fine for me, but I cannot compare it to the OF as I used the OF for 5 mins before Rockboxing it. :-)

Good luck on your X search. FWIW, used Fs are available on ebay/etc...
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Yeah I have a broken F in my room, and loved it but the touch pad was finicky. The original firmware while great, can not compare to rockbox on it. Is there like any Australian or Japanese used dap/electronic site? Maybe I can see if they are willing to ship it out to the US. If not I maybe stuck looking at the Gigabeat S or the Zune30(with the MTP hack), which isn't what I really want.
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