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Default Samsung YP-MB2 (Galaxy Touch?)

I've seen some poorly translated rumors around the net of the Samsung YP-MB2, AKA, Galaxy Touch. Supposedly it will be a Galaxy S without the phone, meant to compete with the Ipod Touch. I'm just wondering if anyone here has heard anything semi-concrete? I know the idea of an Android based PMP might get TDS all wet

I'll post some of the poorly translated links this evening if I can get on an unblocked internet connection.
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Thats awsome! and it is only $250 according to
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There's a you tube video on engadget's website. I have th YP P2, so I'll be interested to see where Samsung are going with this. Incidentally, the P3 wasn't a huge leap forward Imho.
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Samsung YP-MB2: photo and video link
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I thought Samsung was supposed to have an announcement on the 11th?
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Meh, I have an Android phone, and I now have my excellent sounding Cowon J3 - I'm satisfied for the time being (as short as that may be). I might get the Verizon variant of the Galaxy S - but I personally am not interested in an Android device w/no 3G connectivity. It makes in user-unfriendly to have to sideload apps, too much of a PITA for me, I'll pass.
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It's a niche device, people. This won't be a billion unit seller within the first week. Trust me, I'll bet all $10,000 of my school loans on that. But it should still sell decently with good marketing.

I use a prepaid and my total bill comes out to $33/month. 5-bars of reception via T-Mobile in SF, baby! No need for smartphone here! *knock on wood*

Seriously. My life these days is HECTIC. So much to do! $250 for a touchscreen device that can replace my aging Sony S639 isn't bad as long as I can use Google Calendar even when I'm away from my school's wifi.
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