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Help Advice on IEMs below 100

I'm planning to buy new headphones as my old headphones got damaged.
I'm looking for headphones preferably below 50 but the maximum budget is 100.
I'm looking for something that's durable and also has good sound quality.
I saw v-moda vibe duo on ebay for 20.
I have seen good and bad reviews for them so I don't know if they are worth getting.
I have also seen the head-direct re0.
I have heard that they are very good but they do seem a bit expensive (70).
I have heard that the hippo vb headphones are also good.
I listen to dance music (mainly house) and also a bit of indie and rap.
I'm using an iriver H320 with no amp as the source.
Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Best Regards,
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Re0 and VB are like night and day, though. What's your preferred sound like? Heavy on the lower ends or the higher ends of the sound spectrum?
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Originally Posted by Zorink View Post
I'm planning to buy new headphones as my old headphones got damaged.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Best Regards,
What was your old 'phones? And did you like or dislike the sound signature of your old pair?
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At 120USD, these seem to be killer - I am gonna grab them myself at some point:

At 79USD, the Hippo VBs are indeed a great choice, especially IMO for your stated musical preferences. They are versatile, pretty durable and sound great.

At around 40USD, I am a huge fan of the Maximo i590s. I am probably the only one on ABi with them, but I love em. The build quality is quite great, lifetime warranty from the company [who offers great customer service - I know for a fact], awesome included accessories. And guess what? They sound pretty great. Seriously. Firm bass that can extend quite low, very strong mids and top end. They take to EQing from all my players very very well.

Check the reviews online and on that other site on the Maximos. They deserve to be a serious consideration for anyone looking in this price range IMO.

cheers and good luck!
let us know what you decide on...
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