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Default ABi Forum Rules

  • Official Language – English.
  • Be nice.
  • No double posting.
  • Do not defy the expressed wishes of the staff.
  • Discussion of illegally trading copyrighted material is strictly prohibited and may result in a ban.
  • No gratuitous advertising of your own website. Check with an administrator or moderator first.
  • Have Fun.
Helpful Tips
To make this forum a helpful as well as enjoyable experience, please consider these tips when posting in the forum.

Thread Titles:
  • Be descriptive but brief. Titles like “I need help!” do not tell forum members what the thread is about and are less likely to be read. A thread title like “Player Freezes in MTP Mode” would be a better choice. It just helps us all find what we are looking for.
  • CAPS!!!!!! – Watch the caps lock key and exclamation mark! One is plenty to show that you are excited or frustrated. More than one will just show that you are unfamiliar with the QWERTY keyboard.
Avatars, Signatures & Visitor Messages
  • Use good taste when selecting an avatar. Excessive or obnoxious animations are so Web 0.2, save them for your MySpace profile.
  • Signature length should be short so that it doesn’t distract from your post. Use the smallest font when possible. If your signature is obnoxious you probably are too.
  • Please do not advertise in your signature. Doing so may result in deleting of signature or ban from the forum.
  • Please use a font size of 1 or 2 at the most.
  • You need to have 5 valid posts in order to create a signature or post a visitor message
Deleted or Moved Posts
  • From time to time a Mod may move or delete your post. You may not have done anything wrong but your post may have been irrelevant or off topic. Please don’t be offended, we are just making information easier to read and ultimately a better forum. If you don’t agree with the delete or move PM a Mod or Admin, we are reasonable people.
Banned Sites
  • Some sites have been banned from the ABi forums due to spamming and other malicious activity. Links to banned sites will be deactivated and censored by the forum software. Circumventing this censor may result in a warning or a ban.
  • Some sites are also banned for selling counterfeit goods. Some retailers have been selling direct knockoffs of iRiver and Creative products. We asked them to take them down, they did not so they are now banned from the forums. It may not make much of a difference in the big scheme of things but it is about principles. iRiver and Creative put a lot of money into designing their products and to have another company duplicate their design is blatant theft.
  • For buying and selling please use the classifieds section. Note that ABi is not under any circumstance responsible for deals between members and using this feature is at your own risk.
Use Good Taste
  • Please keep the profanity to a minimum and refrain from posting racial slurs, pornography, and other types smut.
Reference Your Sources
  • ABi members are always interested in news or trends about mp3 players, but if you are going to reference the work of other people please source it properly. Plagiarism, even when unintentional, is a serious problem and if you are borrowing the work of other people without citing and linking them you will get warned or banned.
  • If you are unsure about how to properly reference the work of another site, see this link

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Helpful Announcement from BobbyRS:

Before posting in the forums and asking questions or seeking help, please take the time to read the advice below on ways to obtain the answers you seek or the help you request in the quickest and most efficient way:

1. Search, Search, Search - You usually won't get much response (at least a positive one) to extremely basic questions because of their simplicity. If you are new to the MP3 world, I would highly suggest using the "search" feature of this site. There is a wealth of information here and it is really easy to obtain your answers already just by searching for them. Usually people on forums like these appreciate and respect individuals who are willing to do their own research and take the time to learn about the subjects before asking such basic questions. If it is evident to everyone you are doing this, you will most likely get more useful and productive responses.

2. Research, Research, Research – In addition to using the Search feature, read/research as much as you can. Look for the FAQ’s in each forum and check out all of the Sticky threads. The FAQ’s and Sticky Threads usually contain answers to most of the basic and important questions and issues.

3. Comparisons – Check out ABI’s Compare MP3/DAP/PMP section. Many posted questions can also be answered by doing a comparison between certain players as well as a good place to see a breakdown of technical specifications that many inquiry on.

If you follow this advice, you will most likely get the answers to your questions much quicker then just basically blindly posting very basic questions and at the same time help ensure building a positive and productive reputation while helping ABI stay one of the best MP3 forums around!

Oh, and don't forget to read the Forum Rules.

Thank you and welcome to ABI!

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Crowdgather terms of use can be found here: - as seen in the footer of each forum page.

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