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Default Creative Zii & Zii Egg

ABI: Creative Zii EGG Surfaces on FCC


Guess who's back? Creative. Hard to believe, we know, but the company we've all but forgotten looks ready to make a comeback in the portable audio / video game. Creative Labs Zii and Zii EGG just made their first appearance at the FCC. Can't say that we're too enthused by the "EGG" moniker but we're definitely liking the looks of that "HD Camera" module along the backside of these "MP4 players with touchscreens" and 802.11b/g WiFi. That "developer edition" is also a good sign that Creative is looking to make this a software platform a la the ol' iPod touch only with Creative's Zii system-on-chip architecture secret sauce. In fact, these devices could very well be running Android atop Creative's ZMS-05 chipset as we saw back in February. Welcome back Creative, you've got until September or so before Apple adds a camera to its own iPod touch... best get to work.

Looks like Creative is finally doing something interesting. Interested to see how this will stack up to the Zune HD and the Ipod Touch. I hope for Creative's sake they make a good product.
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I saw this earlier, I'm fully intrigued. I really hope Creative has a winner here, about time!!!!
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I lost my faith in Creative, but who knows what they can come up with.
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Tacking a camera and Wifi on a player doesn't make it any good by default. Actually, a stupid camera on an MP3 player would be a reason for me not to buy it. I have my doubts that Creative can still compete with Apple, Microsoft, or even Cowon or Samsung in the portable player game...
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maybe can compete with Meizu M8 )
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So far the only camera I've seen on an MP3 player that had value wasn't on an MP3 player. The new iPhone 3Gs's camera is worth having, along with the software the added to support it. Anything less than that and it's a waste of internal space IMO.
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Originally Posted by gebal View Post
Although I sense an update is imminent, so I might change my mind about the creative products.
And to think, you all laughed when I said I reckon creative had something hidden up their sleeve....
but I question this. Looks like they're trying to make on last ditch effort by moving their vado technology and zii chip technology into their zen/music brand before they lose it all. Will be interesting to see what the final result is, but I'm sure as hell not getting my hopes up.
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Looks interesting. Though, the camera seems pointless to me.

Hopefully it's good...
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Okk so if this is cheap enough make i'll go for either this or Archos 3, but if i save up enough money and if it gets released in India i may get that instead.
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I had a chance to check out the Zii chip in action at CES 2009. Here is the report if you missed it:
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Looks like the Zii Touch and camera should be able to record and play 1080p, although not on it's own screen. I would expect 32gb or more, and an OLED screen. Or maybe the FCC images are an add-on for the ipod Touch. Looks like one.
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Finally, my prayers have been answered...
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and your god must be really disapointing,

its creative, so we know its either propietary system or something based on a microsoft plataform, and they are calling it Zii...

i might be going out on a limb here, but you wouldnt think creative was stupid enough to license the zune plataform for its own players ?
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Well my God is awesome enough to make me a touchscreen player with Wi-Fi AND an HD camera.
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I belive that the new ZII Player willl be based on ANDROID.............


Ya its not 100% proof that new Zii player will be a ANDROID based but raises more questions than answers.

BTW a very freakky thing i just noticed is that both zii and Archos 3 used the same cartoon clip to preview their devices check it out..

See at 110secs and 50 secs respectively

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The FCC documents also list Bluetooth as something that was tested on the device. With WiFi (and hopefully a decent browser) and bluetooth, a 3.3" or slightly larger OLED screen, and great codec support this Zii could be a better player than the Zune HD will be.
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if its true, and its android based, it could be the first decent competitor to the itocuh in the PDA/MID department, as for format support, i hope its android based becuase i think theres no WMP support in android yet

but then again, its creative, and creative has a way of making good things suck, so im going to act with caution on this one,
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**This is re-posted from the zen sub-forum because I want it to be seen**

Okay, I have done a little digging through the Zii processor develpoment and device info. The following facts and notes are not necessarily the specs of the new Zii portable player but should spark some conversation as to what we could be in for.

I know that some facts are repeated, they are just facts taken from the links and listed for your viewing pleasure.

High resolution 720p decode and encode
Wide range of video codecs, including; - H.264, MPEG 1/2/4, WMV/VC-1 and others
Integrated HD 1080p analog TV encoder
Dual ARM926 EJ-S
Ideally suited to video, imaging, 2D/3D graphics, audio and signal processing
High quality audio encode and decode
Wide range of audio codecs including; - MP3, AAC, WMA, AAC, Ogg Vobis and others
Special effects
Software Defined Imaging Pipeline
High quality imaging from low cost sensors

MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 HD decode - Main profile at 30 fps, 8mbps bitstream

3D Graphics (OpenGL ES) - 42M textured pixels/sec, 21M vertices/sec

Compute - 8GFLOPS, 32GOPS

Memory bandwidth - 2.6 GBytes/sec

Power management
H.264 BL 720p video playback in under 300mW

30fps 720p BP, 5mbps, 96KHz AAC

Integrated HDTV TV encoder


High definition: 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080p

Standard definition: 480i, 576i

RGB and YUV component output
8-bit color components

Wide screen signalling and closed captions
Macrovision® option
__________________________________________________ ______
Zii supports-
Typical Applications
Portable Media
3D Navigation
Mobile Internet Devices (MID)
4.3”, 24-bit 800x480 WVGA Integrated 4-wire touch screen controller (that means resistive)
SD and SDHC support
Mono Speaker and Microphone
Stereo Line-In (3.5mm jack)
Mic-In (3.5mm jack)
5x buttons (on/off, reset, 3 additional)

44-pin powered, 2.5ATA disk connector
__________________________________________________ _______

Audio / Voice Codecs

MP3 Decode + Encode
WMA9 Decode + Encode


Dolby® AC-3 Decode

PCM Decode

Ogg Vorbis Decode

G.726 Decode + Encode

Video Codecs
MPEG 4 AVC/H.264 Decode + Encode

WMV9/VC1 MP/AP Decode + Encoder

MPEG 1 and 2 Decode

MPEG 4 SP/ASP Decode + Encode (SP)

XviD Decode

DivX 4/5 Decode

Motion JPEG Decode

Photo Browser

Browse control interface

Fast frame-to-frame skipping

Interactive pan, zoom and rotation

Image transition effects

File Browser
Camera Application

Process still, video and audio

Utilises Image and Media Processing libraries

Digital Zoom

White balance (manual and auto)

Auto exposure and contrast

Noise removal


Pre-ported 3rd Party Applications
ZiiLABS work with the open source community and partner companies to make pre-ported applications and tools available to customers, including;

Adobe® Flash Lite 3.1

Opera® for Devices

CSR® Software GPS

Instant Messenger client

Video Conferencing

2D/3D games such as Sudoku
__________________________________________________ ______________
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its nice, but its only a chip, i want to see what device they incase it in,
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Default Creative has finally come out to play.

Zii Egg Specs:

• Capacitive 10-point multi-gesture touch display
• 3.5” 320x480 true-color display
• Up to 32GB internal plus SDHC slot (supports up to 32GB of external SDHC Card)
• Supports: MP3, WMA, AAC, WMV, H.264, MPEG-4, AVI, and MOV
• X-Fi audio processing
• Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
• 3-axis Accelerometer
• Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
• Hardware GPS receiver
• 32MB NOR (Linux Kernel Boot ROM)
• 256MB Mobile DDR RAM
• Supports 720p and 1080p HDTVs via HD cable
•Headphone socket, built-in speaker and microphone
• Dual cameras
- Forward facing HD camera
- Rear facing VGA camera
• 1200mAH rechargeable lithium-ion
• 115 x 62 x 12 mm (108grams)

A few weeks ago we reported on an FCC leak of Creative's first touchscreen player called the Zii Egg. Well it's officially hatched, and I must say, it's simply amazing on paper. It's a 3.5" multi-touch touchscreen device capable of outputting video in 1080P. It has Wi-Fi (with full Opera web browser), X-Fi, Bluetooth, an accelerometer, an SDHDC slot, Dual cameras, and so much more. Now get this, it'll cost as low as $199US. Just as impressive is Creative's new software for the device called "Plaszma". It's an open-source OS that appears to be built on OS, and optimized for the Zii chip (ZMS-05). It's being targeted at manufactures as a market ready OS platform to implement on various devices.
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android pmp, creative, hd, zii, zii egg

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