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Default Memorex Touch MP

You have only 99 Dollar and want a 8Gb touch player with Micro SD slot
This is where Memorex comes in

I have always been fan of Colorful Memorex back in Good old Tape days
is true Memorex have lost quality over years.
but I found their new player quite intressing

The headphones look confortable and i like the touch buttons bellow the screen.
the new Memorex logo look faboulous on the player

The bad:
Menu interface is ugly
and Memorex should have made this player in more colors
Mix 2 or 3 colors instead of just blue,red, yellow
Memorex is best for the summer when multicolors are used
Make a player in Violet+yellow, Light blue + pink , Light blue+pink+yellow or whatever.... 2/3 different color mixed together.
Say The top half part of the Player is Blue then the bottom half part is brown
that way you have 2 color mix and perfect for a beach party.
As said Memorex is fun when is full of colors

You can read a review here:

So what you think ?
Sure is no big match for big guys like Sony,Cowon,Apple and samsung for that matter.

But it can be more popular as a Philips or similar.
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That actually doesn't look too bad.

Cnet says it feels cheap... But then again, $100 for a touch PMP, that's a steal these days. Might actually look for one.
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It's crap. I can almost guarantee it'll get horrible user reviews, and be returned for tons of quality issues.
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When something seems to good to be true, it usually is.

I'd rather suck it up, and buy the touchscreen-less but much higher quality Sansa Fuze
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nice information
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