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Default want to connect 605wifi to tv

hi i want to buy the 605 wifi and connect it to my tv. i must buy the dock or can only buy cable? if so can u send me link to the cable? thank you
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hey you are going to have to buy a dock such as the "Mini Dock - Gen 5". there's no cable that will do that.
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He's right But I have heard of Gen5 docks working with Gen4 players so a Gen6 dock MIGHT work if you can not find a Gen5 but I would stick with a Gen 5 dock

P.S. they sell a refurbished DVR station for $55 on Archos' web sight.
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Gen 4 or Gen 5 docks are interchangeable, the only difference is the Gen 5 dock has a more complex remote device with a mini keyboard. Gen 6 docks are NOT compatible in any way with other generations neither will a Gen 6 Archos work with any dock other than a Gen 6 one.
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