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Default Does Gen 6 Make Gen 5 Obsolete?

Other than price, what reason(s) would anyone have for getting a 405/605/705 now that the Archos 5/5G/7 are out? I know Archos said that they are not marketing gen 6 as replacements for gen 5, but I haven't noticed any features that were removed from gen 6, and with the aesthetic improvements, I don't know why anyone would buy a gen 5 now. Maybe if you absolutely hate touch screens.
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The 705 has more functionality than the 7. Archos removed quite a lot of the existing connections and replaced them with yet another add on. For instance you can connect a usb drive, flash drive or camera etc direct to the 705 with the supplied lead. On the 7 you need to purchase a dvr or mini dock to connect anything. You could also edit recorded video on the Gen 5 but not on the Gen 6 models.
The 705 also had built in remote control and came with a seperate remote.The 7 can only be used with a remote via the docking station. It is really only a larger screen model of the 5 and in my opinion a downgrade from the 705.

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so are you suggesting the Archos 705 is better then the Archos 5? can the Archos 705 play AVI and FLAC? without spending any more $$$?
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