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Help Does the DVR Station pass thru video?

If I have the component video output on my HD cable box connected to the component video input on the Archos DVR Station, and the component video output on the DVR Station connected to my TV's component input, will I be able to watch cable TV when I don't have the Archos media player on the DVR Station? Does the DVR Station need to be turned on? Does it even have an "on/off" switch, or is it always "on" when it's connected to the power adapter?

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Yes the DVR is a pass through for the TV signal, but you will need to have it on all the time if you set it up between the signal box and the tv, there's no on/off switch so it has to be plugged in. I use the dvr with a scart splitter spur which gives you the option of unplugging it without effecting the signal. This however only applies to gen 4 & 5 dvrs the new Gen 6 dosent pass through and you do need a scart spliter if you only have one input/ output source.

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