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Default Error Code 102: System is Damaged!!!

I've had a problem that is not mentioned anywhere in the forums and I'm wondering if you guys know why my 605 does this.

Sometimes when I turn on my 605 (4gb) it will give me the "Archos Entertainment Your Way" screen then it will give me a white screen that says, "Recovery (code 102)" Then it says, "System is Damaged. Would you like to recover it?" Then it gives me the options "no", "repair", or "format disk." The very first time this happened I chose to repair it and it took a minute or so to just completely erase everything on the internal memory and my SD card!!! It even got rid of the nice backgrounds on there!!! So when this does happen now I don't say repair because if I chose "no" and click it a couple of times it will just load up normally!!!! It doesn't make any sense!!! Nothing is damaged unlike what it said!!!! All my music and videos and photos are on there and work fine!!! I haven't tried the "format disk" option because I'm afraid it will erase the firmware or something really important!!!

I feel like this happens when it does an auto shut-off but it may actually just be completely random.

Has this happened to anybody else or am I all alone here???
Am I not shutting down correctly even though I always just suspend the 605?

Oh and I haven't dropped it or got water on it so I don't know what is wrong!!!

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Yeah it happens on my 4gb605 as well and the solution seems to be to say no three times and it will boot normally. I would have to say it's an unresolve glitch in the FW and more a Nuisance than anything else. I think it has something to do with glitching the flash memory or the SD Card storage
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follow the instructions in the manual for completely reloading the software. The operating system sometimes get corrupted when you have a bad file. Remember to back everything up first! Use the white boot screen rather than via the software screen. Full instructions are in the manual.
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Default Absolute fix

Hi everybody i just got off the phone with archos USA tech support there is no other way but to send it in and they wil replace the HDD with a new one. If the archos is not under warranty, repair cost is $ 172.50 i think you can buy another one for that price. Although they give you 90 days warranty for their fix. And if it is under warranty they will fix it free all you have to pay is shipping cost
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I think a solution is:
1. you back every thing up.
2. make sure the lock on the sd card is off
3. you hit repair instead of no
4. wait the two hours it will take to repair (it takes really long)
5. then go though a bunch of menus and format your sd card

I hope this works for you
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