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Default My Gigabeat MEV30 will not connect to PC

Can anyone help me to solve my problem which is my Gigabeat does not appear to connect via the USB port. It used to and I would just copy the files via explorer now the computer refuses to connect any ideas on how to fix this problem would be much appreciated,


Peter Ford
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This has happened to me in the past and all I needed to do was re-connect a wire going from the main board to the HHD. This unconnected wire causes many problems. You can do it yourself, but I would advise you send it away. This maynot be the problem in your case, but it's worth a try.

Have you tried calling the Toshiba helpdesk? I found the tech support staff most helpful with other Gigabeat problems.

Also, files to Gigabeats need to be synced via Windows Media Player to function correctly, the player isn't designed to have files added by "drag drop" methods. This may be where your problem has started. Don't put files on through explorer, use WMP for the best results.

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I live in Canada so I have no support for my Gigabeat. I will need to do this repair bymyself. How do you take apart the MEV model? I need to reattach that wire as my computer no longer recognizes the player.

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