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Default my archos 504 wont just respond or even turn off

Hello archos pal, today something very weird happened to me, I was watching a video then I did stop and closed the case, went to the gym did my work out and I took my archos 504 out to do my aerobic in the bicycle and when I touch it was hot caused the battery was still on, normally after I pressed x to stop after a short time it will turn off by itself but this time it did not do it but the worst part was it will not respond and the battery was still on so I just did not what to do or how to reset it, so I took the battery off and on again.
What I want to know is why this happen and how can I prevent this to happen again?
I found this very odd… specially when I had this for less than a month…
Thank you all
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Hi there, I believe I had the same problem as you at one point. I had taken my 504 to school, and as I walked out listening to my music, the archos went to a black screen and I could not turn it off or get it to work in anyway. This led to me sending it back tot he store to get a new one. I got the other one and I experienced the same problem..I looked in the box it came in, and it came with small blue card to told a person how to reset the their 504 if it experienced any sort of "electronic phenomenon", which I understand is what you have. The card said to TAKE OFF THE BATTERY AND PRESS THE TINY TINY GOLD BUTTON TO THE LEFT OF THE HARD DRIVE (I THINK), it looks like any other kind of circuit on a board, and it has no indication of even being a reset button at all. This is quite ridiculous, having only an insignificant little blue piece of paper that briefly (and also crappliy) explains what the hell to do. They should print this everywhere on the box in huge red font so people know how to fix it. This seemed to happen to me when I had the 504 connected to my speakers in my room, it seemed that every time I wold touch it when it was playing through them, it would black out and I would have to reset it.

How to prevent it: well, I'm not an expert on the case, but having mine glitch out ALMOST EVERY TIME I touched it when it was connected to a device ex: speakers, stereo. I would suggest getting the docking station because you can use the remote to control it without touching it. Or perhaps try and keep it away from other electronic equipment that may somehow mess it up (I'm not sure the exact way to prevent these problems, it is hard to create a complex eplaination for this problem, I didn't build the f**king thing!)

Other than this problem, I never found anything else wrong with the 504, maybe except that when I would drag and drop my music into the folder I made for my tunes in the music folder, it would not go to the area to listen to it when I would want to, I would have to go to the hard drive and then I would listen to it there. My ID3 tags were perfect and I had to plug it back in and get the 504 to re-update its files I put on, then it might move the music to the correct area to listen. I did this by adding in a picture or something that would make the 504 have to rescan its contents (or so my theory proves). also, watch out for the crappy case the 504 comes with, it sucks at protecting the 504 from a fall, like when I was getting out of my truck one day and it fell out of my pocket and created some cracks in the top (not major damage, but annoying, 504 is still fully functional )
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Default thank you for the in put

Thank you so very much for your answer, now that you mention it, I had my 504 together with MP3 in the same bag, since I used it to watch movies and the mp3 just listen to music while on the move.
I will look for that blue card you are referring too.
I bought the case they sale for 20$ but I was so disappointed when I got it, you can’t turn it down cause it will come out, they don’t have good cases like ipod, (this is the only good thing i can think ipod has) what do you use?

One last question different from this, do you know of a free softwear that convert movies, I have so many movies I want to pass to my 504 but it wont play them cause they are a different format and also I have DVDs too, thank you!
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you can try PocketDivXEncoder
it even has an Archos 504 preset template
Also if you're willing to spend the money, the MPEG-2 plugin will let you copy those DVDs directly without conversion
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Default Frozen Archos 504!

I too have just frozen my 504 for no apparent reason. I switched it off as normal after playing a music file and it will not boot past the initial "Archos" green logo screen. I can hear the hard drive clicking then after about 15 secs it blinks and the green logo shows again. The only thing that I have done differently is to set a photo stored as a wallpaper. Perhaps it is trying to load the photo as a background to the various icons (video, music, TV Scheduler etc).

I note, with interest, about the hidden tiny reset button but will this erase all photos and 60 gig of music????! I cannot even register for online help at Archos as you need the serial no. from the settings menu as well as the model serial no. printed on the battery. Short of writing to the office in France I'm f*%ked.

Any help would be more than greatfully received. Then I'm going to bin the thing...

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Default Ditto

Yeah, three years later and the fix is still helpful.
The button on mine was at the end where the power connector is.
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