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Default Screen Problem with U10

When i turn it on its okay and it works,
but after a while (and i mean like 2 seconds) the backlight seems to turn off
Whenever i try to return the screen to normal it just wont go back, but every now and then it turns back on randomly.

Now it is starting to have a lit up screen but nothing on it.
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I have the same problem. I would really appreciate if somebody could tell me how the LCD screen works actually. I opened my iRiver but I found nothing wrong (all cables, connections are ok). Whenever I start the player it just turns a little bit brighter, but remains black - also when it is plugged into a computer, i can access all the documents.

It's just a display problem, but I have no clue how I could fix it. Any advice would be very appreciated.

Thank you,
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Wow. I have the same problem and can't use my clix anymore. I thought it was because I cracked the plastic cover of the screen, but I guess not.
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This is what comes to my head at first thought...

The issue reminds me of the Dell E172FPb issue that I had a while ago, which was where the moniter's protection circuit (whatever that means xD ) turned the backlight off - what makes me think of it because it happened to me, and loads of other people with that moniter.

hehe as of now, I proclaim that 3 is a very large number.

Here's a link to the page which says how to fix the Dell moniter:

As for fixing your Clix problem, not a clue . But it might have some similarities to the Dell lcd problem.

My brother has a Clix, I might just go see if his does that :P

EDIT: Nope, his is still alive and kicking.

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