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alito 12-02-2013 02:19 PM

Replacement earphones for YP-R0
The earphones that came with my YP-R0 finally were broken. While I managed to cut the defective jack, solder the wires to a new stereo jack, and now it works perfectly, just losing 2 cm of wire, I want to ask this forum for help regarding new earphones to replace the original ones, at least with the same quality.

I must admit that these are the ones I use most, even with my android phone, and I love them. I have tried some cheap Sennsheiser earbuds, or the AKG K321. They are awful, compared to the samsung model. They lack any warmth, and the sound is a little lower. The AKG has an obnoxious treble, and they are tiring to listen to. My budget is small, so, please, no etymotic or shure recommendations:(.

Thanks a lot!

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