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ibg 08-23-2013 03:40 PM

Brand new Zune HD 16gb stuck in recovery
i have a zune hd 16gb that is brand new i just opened the box. it was supposed to be a gift for a nephew but he changed last minute and wanted cash instead. So i decided to use it myself ..

I downloaded the zune software installed it then connected the zune to the pc everything was good
but then it said there was and update to version 4.5 (i think) and i had to update before i could use the zune . So i hit update .. it downloaded the software and then started to update but when it came to step 3 it seem like it was stuck and i hit close or cancel on the software and the zune was in recovery i pulled the cable and now the zune player is stuck in recovery and wont do anything else..

i have already tried the hold power and front button
also holding power, media controls and front button for it to reset or go into recovery but nothing changes
it stuck in connect zune to pc
when i do connect the zune to pc it doesnt do anything either on the zune or on the pc.
ive already tried all the ports on the pc and tried a different pc as well and nothing..

using a windows 7 pc and windows vista pc ..

all help is highly appreciated

JSP62 09-11-2013 06:59 PM

When you connect the Zune to the PC, does the PC recognize "hardware" is connected?

I had a similar issue on my older Zune model, perhaps you may have the same results. I recall my Zune was in update mode and seemed to get stuck or take forever to progress. I had to restart and reconnect several times and each time I did it slowly progressed further.

Try to leave it on overnight, then power shutoff restart and reconnect to the PC and start the software. See if anything changes.

Good luck

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