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NatasNema 08-16-2013 03:14 PM

Touch Screen is freaking out
I accidently left my XFI2 plugged into the wall outlet for over a day. When I finally unplugged it for a drumming session the touch screen randomly goes into different menus and sporadically moves up and down selecting random songs, is this mp3 player bricked?

jbob182 09-30-2013 09:58 PM

NatasNema, firstly welcome to the forums. Secondly sorry about the delay in responding. There is little community left behind for this mp3 player so I do not check the forums that often.

As for your question, it sounds like your player is not bricked, which is a great thing. For the technical reasons, a bricked player is one that is about as functional as a brick, either because of a faulty firmware upgrade or irreversible damage. From what you described it is hopefully just the resistive touch screen sending faulty signals to the circuit board. This is the preferred scenario.

For fixing it, you have two options:
1. Send the device to Creative for repairs. If the damage is not covered by the warranty then this will probably cost you a bit of money.
2. Find a replacement screen and swap out the good one for your faulty one. It just so happens that I had an old Zen X-Fi2 that crashed randomly when using LUA apps, which was caused by a defect. I scrapped the player keeping a few components just in case I wanted to use them later on for a hardware project. One of these was the touch screen (depicted below). If you are still interested, we may be able to arrange something and I could send you my spare screen (it does have some scratches on it though).

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