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Jull 03-23-2013 07:25 AM

I've had the NWZ-S754 for some time, with the EU volume limit. When I got it I found that like every other Sony model you can get into the Service Menu but can not change limiting or country destination.

However you can change (and save) settings in the DAC sub menu. I don't think this widely known.

I previously tried it on a X1050 (no EU limit) but there was no way to save these things on that model.

The S754 with tweaks is not as loud as the X1050 (or my previous S639f) but it's very close. And I think it sounds better than previously as well.

Get into Service Menu:

Press Back until in the multi-icon menu.

Switch Hold ON Then fairly quickly (but does not have to be super-speed):

Right Left Vol-UP Vol-Down Right Left Option Back Option Back

Switch Hold off.

Colour Bar will appear, press DOWN arrow

Move down until DAC is highlighted, move highlight to B-GAIN Press PLAY
(displayed default settings for Bass, make a written note)

Use UP/DOWN arrow to change DAC BASS GAIN to 12.0

Use OPTION to change DAC BASS FC to 250Hz

Press PLAY to save. You will now highlight T-GAIN

Press PLAY on T-GAIN
(displayed default settings for Treble, make a written note)

Use UP/DOWN arrow to change DAC TREBLE GAIN to 12.0

Use OPTION to change DAC TREBLE FC to 5Hz (5kHz)

Press PLAY to save.

Move highlight left, then go down and highlight EXITTEST, press PLAY then press PLAY again.

Unit will switch off. Wait 2 seconds and press OPTION to switch on.
All Done.
Obviously there is no risk to your music.

You might wish to adjust the normal EQ to suit the new sound.

I don't know if this works on the 16GB S755. Probably.

I don't know if this is changable on non-EU models.

I didn't know there is no formatting in this forum! Best to cut and paste the above into a WP and format it to make sense of it all.

EDIT: a-ha, had script blocking on. Fixed text formatting.

Jull 03-23-2013 07:45 AM

What a friendly forum, bye bye.

oh no a 2nd thought!

skip252 03-23-2013 08:02 AM

Bye! Have a good life. :)

I was in process of writing a post welcoming you and asking for more info when you decided your thoughts were too precious to be merged and decided to nasty up over being informed of forum standards. Oh well, I'll leave the post as someone might find it useful in the future but I won't spend any time being concerned because you feel butt-hurt over a post merge.

3602 03-23-2013 11:28 AM

It is very important to verify whether the EU-version of this device has different resistors/capacitors. Merely boosting the volume firmware-wise without changing those parts (if any) can result in audible distortion and artifacts. See MZ-RH1.

nem0 07-31-2013 10:37 AM

I can confirm that this works on the US NWZ-755 16GB. Before the changes, I could listen comfortably with the volume at about 13-14, and now I'm good at 8-9. I'll have to give it a try on the commuter train sometime and see if the volume boost helps there.

I didn't do an A-B test, so I can't say if it sound better than before, but it definitely sounds good and undistorted.

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