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bascom 03-22-2013 07:56 PM

FS: Rocksteady XS Bluetooth Stereo Portable Speaker - $90
I am selling my black Killer Concepts Rocksteady XS Bluetooth Stereo Portable Speaker for $85 + $5.49 shipping. I bought it March 11 from Best Buy but decided I don't want it. It has good sound but not enough bass for me and I don't need bluetooth. If nobody wants it I will return it to Best Buy for a refund Sunday but I thought I'd see if anyone here wants it. Here is my amazon ad for seller BrianTennis:


It looks and works in very good condition. Includes the battery, basic user guide, charger head, and box. To recharge the battery you need a micro-usb to USB cable because the speaker has a micro-usb port and the charger head has a USB port. The 3.5mm audio cable for connecting devices and micro-usb to USB cable for charging are NOT included. They cost about $3 each on web stores like Amazon. Photos are available. Email me with any questions. USA shipping only.


bascom 03-24-2013 08:58 AM

Nobody bought it so I'm taking it back to Best buy today.

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