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Educ 03-17-2013 02:41 PM

Questions about the inputs of JVC receiver
Hello there! This is a new world to me and I have some questions about my receiver because I saw it in my home, nobody uses it and it's a pity.

Model: JVC RX 306
Front -> http://www.springair.de/images/artic.../39555-0_5.jpg
Back -> http://www.springair.de/images/artic.../39555-2_5.jpg

I also have a Sansa Clip Plus so: can I connect it to the receiver? There is no Aux-input and in some webs I read that you can connect your DAP to the CD-input, it's this alright? Why? What's the difference with the others?
If I want to connect the PC, is the same?

I don't want to break the receiver or the Sansa/Pc jajaj.

Some advice/recommendation about the speakers? Do the speakers need any special requirements?

Saludos! :D

Syndrome 03-17-2013 03:29 PM

You will need a 3.5mm to RCA cable. This will work for both the Sansa and the PC. It will not damage either one of them or the receiver.

If you get 2 of these cables you can hook your Sansa to the Tape input, and the PC to the CD input and use the receiver to switch between them.

Educ 03-22-2013 06:34 AM

Thanks Syndrome, I'm going to do that!

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