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Jasonuncloned 03-12-2013 02:08 AM

Is the Headphone jack and clip on the Zip more durable and reliable then the Clip+?
Hi everyone,

My beloved Clip+ is about to be retired because of the headphone jack issues, a broken clip, and overall wear. I've seen the threads about repairing the jack, but this one is just beat so it's time for a new one.

So I'm debating another Clip+ or a Zip Clip. I really don't have any desire to see a postage stamp sized album art picture on the display and the track info is much more useful to me. Frankly if that's the only major advantage to the Zip then I'd rather do another Clip+.

What does genuinely concern me though is whether or not the Zip has any better headphone jack or clip that is less prone to breakage.

Have there been less reported jack issues with the Zip?

Is the clip on the Zip less prone to breakage?

Searching on ebay of Zips I also noticed an alarming number of Zip auctions for lots of 8 or 10 that were either non-working or non-tested!

If there more breakage issues for these then the Clip+?

My Clip+ lived a relatively rough life but still lasted over 2 years. For the cost vs. quality of the device I was satisfied with that and will be buying another Clip.

And some more questions that I couldn't fit in the title but will influence my purchase. I have never rockboxed my Clip+ so I have some noob questions related to that.

The Zip is supposed to play m4a files but in posts like this one I am reading that it does have some potential issues with reading them?


Will Rockbox on a Clip+ let me play m4a files too?

Does the zip let you view ALL media on both the internal memory and the card or is it still separate?

Would Rockbox allow me to do that on either player?

Again, these two issues could influence my decision too.

Ultimately if the Zip is no better durability wise and rockbox can do what I was asking about I will probably get another Clip+

skip252 03-12-2013 06:48 PM

Both Rockbox and the sandisk firmware allow you to see the entire contents if you use the database. Other than that the external and internal memories are viewed separately.

I'd expect that the headphone jack on both have the same level of durability. I don't see any real difference in that area. Neither fully supports the headphone plug fully which seems to be at least part of the issue with the reports of failure.

The clip on the Clip Zip seems to be much sturdier than the one on the Clip+. In fact I can't recall any reports off hand of it failing. Keep in mind that just because I haven't seen any doesn't mean it hasn't happened.

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