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Tempsgk 02-20-2013 08:55 AM

Is there a sorting option on the E-475?
I play my songs not by playlists, but by individual folders. One problem is that there is absolutely no control over the sorting.

What happens normally is I put a song into a folder, and it sorts it self by Name and by ascending.

I want it to sort by name but descending. Is there a way?

CDMP3PlayerFan 02-22-2013 01:06 AM

Without using playlists, one possible way to do this is to rename your files with an order number at the beginning. As an example, if you have 10 tracks you could put "01" at the beginning of the filename for the track you want first in the list (regardless of its filename), and "10" for the track you want last.

Although you mentioned that you don't use them, a much easier way to do this would be via playlists. As an example, with MediaMonkey you can create an autoplaylist of tracks sorted the way that you want and then load it on your player. I maintain a number of playlists on my player (such as "Favorites," "Instrumentals," "Parodies" and "Sampler" [which is a small playlists of randomly sorted tracks that I want to review]), that would be difficult manage by any other method.

I hope this helps.

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