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eltebe 02-07-2013 04:48 AM

New IEM's or?
My fisher audio dba-02 are in terrible condition.
I had
- er6i(loved triple flange small isolation, missed bass mids quite much)
- phonak audeo one of those first models - fitting issues
- dba-02(serviced once and now IMO needs replacement as i was able to pull out metal tube with filter during cleaning don't want it to drop into my ear + jack plastic that keeps wire at the end of the jack torn apart and now also is lacking in music i listen Ludovico Einaudi Brothers - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCye4v8kuGY at the end produces distortion not music from D2 while shure has no problems - flac ripped with EAC from original CD)
From full cans i use ath-ad700(comfort king) for gaming and music on xonar stx@home and srh-840@work.
I use cowon d2 with d2+ firmware on the move.

Now the question is what to buy in place of dba-02?
1 top notch IEM like westone w4r or um3x or other?
2 portable headphones like Beyerdynamic DT 1350 tbh i'm afraid poor isolation might force me to use high gain which i would like to avoid. Also had one akg dj like small portables and didn't find them comfortable nor isolating and i don't like the pressure on my ears with such headphones(shure is quite hard in that matter for me).
3 objective2("portable") + odac some medium tier IEMs that i will swap in 2 years.

I prefer IEMs with filters that i can change often instead of cleaning headphones. Also I have an option to make custom fittings cheap(compared to headphone cost).

So in short
Budget: 100-800$
Location: EU/Poland
Category: IEM(amp/dac option)
Primary location of use: commune in 90% = isolation important
Preferable SQ or Sound Signature: Neutral and natural. Flat EQ without bass bumps etc
Media: piano(mostly lately) rock metal alternative pop very wide range of music no techno and such - FLAC only
Source: Cowon D2

Rockin_Zombie 02-07-2013 02:53 PM


Originally Posted by eltebe (Post 631461)

Primary location of use: commune in 90% = isolation important

Do NOT get portable headphones if this point is important to you. I've been down that path, tried good portable on-ears, without noise cancelling/with noise-cancelling, I can vouch you will never get satisfactory isolation without active NC. And active NC absolutely kills the music. So if isolation is important, stick to IEMs.

eltebe 02-07-2013 04:24 PM

One less option then as expected tbh. Thank you for input.

Will I benefit anything with quite good amplification D2 already offers if i use objective2 with it? I know I will benefit a lot from odac (+objective2) when it comes to crappy dell laptop sound card and jack that feels like falling apart already in less then a year.
Another benefit is if I swap to player that is less powerful i will have something to drive IEMs and full cans.

Rockin_Zombie 02-07-2013 05:56 PM

I had the D2 for a year, had an amp too, which I hardly used. D2 is a powerful player, don't think an amp is necessary.

I wouldn't plan on changing the player, you won't get that much money back if you wanna resale since its an old player. UNLESS you wanna move the music to your phone and carry one device, but I don't think you're considering that right now.

With the D2, I'd just spend on a top-notch IEM for two reasons:

1. D2 is an amazing player itself, the headphone out is good enough.

2. With no portable amp, you've one less thing to carry around, it's a PIA carrying so many things!

If you still have budget left after a good IEM purchase, you can spend on a midrange full can at home + a DAC amp combo. Specially for listening from a laptop, the DAC AMP makes a HUGE difference, IMO listening to $200 headphone through $100 DAC/amp is MUCH better than $300+ full cans through the internal sound card of consumer laptops ( I am writing all these based on my personal experience). I've this one for home (and portable sometimes) use:


There are plenty more like this, more/less expensive.

So to summarize, get a top-notch IEM, if you wanna buy multiple things, get a top-notch IEM for portable use, and a full size can and DAC amp for home use. Hope that helps!

eltebe 02-08-2013 03:08 AM

I will buy some higher model of IEM then(o2+odac can wait)
question is now what to choose
w3 w4 um3x se535 se425 sm3 ie80

I'm not a bass head though I like this little bit of kick srh840 has compared to ad700 especially new Einaudi album profits from better bass when there is string orchestra like in the song i linked.
I like detailed crisp sound of ad700. Lately i listen Einaudi mostly. I like his live recordings with orchestra.

Apart from that currently on my d2:
piano - Mozdzer Danielsson Fresco, Fabrizio Paterlini, Helen Jane Long
alternative - alt-J, Arms and sleepers, dubfx, adiemus
rock - ac/dc, megadeath, mtv unplugged recordings, Dave Matthews
metal - katatonia
pop? - Sarah Bareilles, Maria Mena, Sarah McLachlan
classics/jazz/blues - Ray Charles

Rockin_Zombie 02-08-2013 03:02 PM

I just blindly got the UE900 the other day (cuz I got a good deal:D) and very happy with it.

I think first you can decide whether you want dynamic driver or balanced armature. Dynamic driver sounds more lively, more fun, bass "rumbles" more (e.g. IE80), BA will be more analytical (W4), I think the instrumental separation was better in W4. These are the phones I've heard among the ones you mentioned.

If you can narrow your choice between 2-3 IEMs, the prime factor then should be getting a good deal, these go on sale every now and then, also you can get "like new" ones from crazy audiophiles who change headphones every 2 weeks:D so keep an eye out on the BST sections of different forums.

eltebe 02-08-2013 05:10 PM

dba-02 has dual balanced armature and i liked it a lot. I like the fact that i can hear musician singing quietly while playing which i didn't notice before.

From what i've researched already UE900 W4R would be good reading different reviews. um3x maybe but i would have to check if difference suits me. se535 if for example new cable could tone down mids or ltd version though i can't get it locally.

I would rather buy new IEMs as I had problems with both phonak audeo pfe and now dba-02(warranty over but one repair was done during that period) except er6i that i sold due to high cost of triple flanges and filters that would cost me half the price of new er6i with delivery being 1/2 of total cost(sold in UK).

spurs20 02-14-2013 11:31 PM

Pioneer se-cl07 iem. They have a neutral sound.

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