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Linguaphile 01-26-2013 12:35 PM

How to delete files on iAudio 10?
I know it's possible to delete files within the Cowon iAudio 10's UI, because if you hold down the center button a thing pops up with a plus sign on the left and the trashcan on the right. HOWEVER, it won't seem to let me navigate off the plus sign and onto the trashcan. I feel like I've tried everything. I know I can delete the files by hooking up to my laptop but I know there must be another way... Please help!

skip252 01-27-2013 07:56 AM

I don't have the i10 so I can't tell you how to get to exactly the right spot. I have noticed with Cowons with similar UI there's 2 browsing modes, Music And Folder. I believe the Folder browsing mode is where you need to bee to delete files. I can tell I'm in the right spot on my i9 when I can see all the info like the track number and extension. Once I'm there all the icons are active and I can delete.

Your mileage will most probably vary. With each new iAudio product having a different UI and sketchy manuals I'm afraid all I can is try to get you exploring in the right direction. Hope it doesn't cause you to waste a bunch of time.

On a side note, it's like Cowon isn't even trying on the manuals any more.:mad: The i9 I have has a one of the least intuitive UI I've ever dealt with but the manual did give me enough to come to grips with what can be done. Looking at a few of them for the current crop of iAudio DAPs it's almost like they just change the screen shots and fit in the same instructions each time. Bleh.

barry gothic 05-21-2013 11:24 AM

you were that close... Indeed, if you hold the center button, you get the pop-up showing the plus sign (add to playlist) and the trash can. Here you 'simply' (if you know it) navigate using the upper left and upper right buttons, and use the center button to confirm (or right under to cancel). You will then get a second confirmation 'menu' using the same buttons.
In the same way, you can delete a complete folder at a time.
I only use this in folder browsing mode, but I guess the same trick works when using tags...

Sorry I didn't notice your question earlier :-)!

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