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Lagoo56 01-18-2013 09:41 PM

Rock-it R-20 Armature IEM Brief Summary
So far I've had these IEMs for about a week and have been using them alot. At first when I got them about a week ago,I didn't actually like how they sounded out of the box when connected to my laptop,they sounded lifeless to me. Then once connected to my Sansa which already had the perfect EQ setting,they sounded much better. So far I've learned that these IEMs were made to never have "too much" of something in order to be very balanced overall. They don't sound too bloated or too recessed or any of that. They definitely are made to be used with some sort of EQ setting. I enjoy using them with the Sansa though,everything sounds crystal clear on it and there is some thump in the background thanks to the EQ setting I use which makes the music sound lively.

I used holiday money to order them from amazon.com. Only one review was there for them but it was a 4 star review so I decided to buy them and overall don't regret it as much as I originally thought. They work well with majority of music because of them being very balanced. Everything sounds smooth and clean with nothing really wrong with the sound output. They cost me $40 from amazon and I think I'd buy these again if they ever break. They are worth the money for people looking for neutral headphones that are going to be used with a VERY diverse collection of music with tons of different genres of music. I think I found what I was looking for since I have such a collection of music. This is my first set of armature IEMs and I did not know what to expect from them by the way.


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