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johnston21 01-16-2013 07:51 AM

Foxlo Mini-Sub
Looking forward to receiving the Foxlo today (pre-ordered 11/1). Plan to match it up with my Foxl Plats. I also have the JayBird Apt-X transmitter and use it for audio (slight delay with Vid) from my Z1060.

Will provide some feedback once tested.

p.s. Saw a recent review on Amazon...otherwise, most everything else written so far is from Jan 2012.

epithetless 01-16-2013 09:41 AM

The FoxLO has been on my radar since it was announced over a year ago. I actually have it on my "Christmas" list (my family is rarely able to get together at the end of December, so we delay our major gift-giving until we're all available...in this instance, that means early February(!)), so perhaps I'll get to try it soon as well. Thanks for the heads up on the Amazon review. Looks promising, although I'm disappointed SoundMatters omitted the USB-device charging port from the final production model.

johnston21 01-16-2013 10:27 AM

Got it. Sounds great and matches (really) well sound-wise with my Foxl Plat (only tried with cable atm, bluetooth will have to wait).

The Power switch (on my unit) appears flakey and requires it to be jiggled when already depressed (seen visually with the blue LED going on and off). Emailed Soundmatters and Audio Basics, and got replies from both within minutes. Will try some contact cleaner, otherwise likely have to RMA. It's still early in the initial distribution for others to have also found the same...

...and yes, it is too bad that the USB mini charging port was excluded (would have been most convenient)...

Update: 021813
RMA'd the sub once the dealer received his 2'nd batch of inventory. Early indications (due to the lack of feedback with others having the same) are that this was a one-off issue. Will follow-up when I receive the replacement.
Note: I'm very happy with the mini-sub.

Update: 022813
Must have been a one-off, as the replacement does not experience the above issue. Hurray!

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