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German 01-05-2013 02:37 PM

Philips|O'Neill Review- ''The Stretch'' & ''The Tread'' Headphones
As you may see by my info, I have two different pairs of headphones, one over-ear, and one in-ear, both made by a collaboration of Philips and O'Neill. I will state one thing: These headphones are built tough, like Nokia bricks.
Let me start with the over-ear set, called ''The Stretch''. These headphones have very good sound quality, are very comfortable, and VERY rugged. I can easily bend them apart to being about the width of a hand, and bend them so that both speakers are next to each other without problem. Of course they spring back to their original shape. . There is a very important safety feature i should point out: there is a disconnect near the ear so that when the cord gets caught, it doesn't pull on the head phones and pull them off your head / break the connection. The cord is pretty much impossible to tangle, and can double as an audio extension cord whenever you want. It has a very nice length, and (if you get the black / gold model like me) it looks great. it feels like normal thread and it is mostly black with gold strands weaved in, which looks awesome.

Now the in-ear ones: I have ones called ''The Tread'' because you can step on them and it will do no damage. once I even put all my weight on them (130lbs. yeah I'm skinny) and as advertised, not a mark. the sound quality is great, nice bass and works with pretty much any genre. I got them for 20 Dollars on amazon, and THAT is a bargain. I got the model with a built in mic and volume control. I don't know how well the mic works, but the volume adjustment (a slider) works great for me.They come with three sizes of rubber things, and unlike my previous skullcandys, they don't have a logo on them (the one on the skullcandys bugged me after wearing them for a couple hours, but not with these!)the cord is similar to the other one i have, just that it is a tighter knit, and thinner, and they tangle like normal ones.

I have not yet found a video of some breaking, And am very surprised that they aren't very popular.
Any Questions?

The DarkSide 01-05-2013 02:58 PM

I own the stretch headphones, and the build quality is only decent. The cable may detach, but it constantly tears internally at the point that connects to the male plug that's inserted into the player. I had 4 sets in the house,...1 cable remains.

As for sq, it's only decent as well. I own the Incase Sonic headphones, and they sound 100% better than these. The stretch hp's sound flat, have no midrange or highs, the muddy bass muffles everything. They make low cost Sony hp's sound great compared to these.

The stretch cans are ok for beater throwaway hp's,...nothing more, nothing less. And I own other Philips hp's,...these are by far the worst I've heard.

PS: your post looks like spam,...

Marvin the Martian 01-05-2013 03:04 PM


Originally Posted by The DarkSide (Post 629461)
The stretch hp's sound flat, have no midrange or highs, the muddy bass muffles everything.

Agreed....I gifted mine. Found somebody that liked them, so it was a no-brainer!:D

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