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TheLogan 12-28-2012 07:00 PM

Building a headset, combining speakers with a mic
Hey folks, being a student means not really having a lot of money, and since I live in a fairly expensive country, so are headphones, so I've decided to build my own, from a set of fairly good broken ones a friend of mine decided to toss.

As it seems, that apart from the frame being broken, the only problem is a few loose connections in the wire and the jackstik, the speakers seem to be fine though.

My plan is to make a hardened leather frame (I have a few years of experience working in leather from other projects), with some comfy, again leather ear-thingy's (my first language isn't English) that cover the ears, hopefully removing a lot of noise from the surroundings, integrate the speakers in the ear-thingy's, and run the wires out of one side as is normal.

Thing is, someone just handed me a microphone from a different headset, that was lost a long time ago, the mike is in working order, now I'm thinking however, should I get a 4 split 3.5 jack, have 2 jacks, or is it possible perhaps to integrate it all in a usb-plug somehow? :confused:

Apart from leather I have a bit of experience working with electronics (for a 2 day school project a while back I made a movement sensor controller for a custom made computer game, with an arduino). I haven't worked with audio before however, nor with sending data through usb.

(P.S. I only use leather from cows that were slaughtered for the meat, so the leather is a by-product, and not the reason for the slaughtering, in case anyone was wondering :) ).

WalkGood 12-28-2012 08:30 PM

You can use a 4-conductor (TRRS) 3.5mm jack to wire both, most electronics stores carry them or you could find one on the net like this. On TRRS audio jack, the tip carries the microphone signal, the first ring carries the headphone signal, second ring carries the transmit signal and finally the sleeve is used for the ground. This link should help ...

BTW welcome to abi ...

TheLogan 12-30-2012 03:25 PM

That's also the solution I'm considering the most right now, my only concern is that I've tried a headset a while back where both mike and headphones were connected via a trrs, and the volume was very low, if i disconnected the mike and used a trs instead the volume was good, but not while shared with the mike. Any idea why this is?

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