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ThibWay 12-24-2012 07:26 AM

Are Aurisonics AS-2 an improvement to Sennheiser IE8 with custom tips ?
Hello :),

I'm a long time reader and I just wanted a few people to give me an opinion about this.
I've been searching for months so I already know almost everything, but I trust this forum a lot to help me making reasonnable decisions... I'd like to have the AS-2 for Christmas (we do it later to have all the family together...) and it will be my only gift. It costs 649.35 in France. But I shall wait for a special new pricing, they did 25% off the 7th of December, how could I miss that :(...

Anyways, I'm now listening music with Sennheiser IE8 and custom tips, and a Cowon J3 (Flac files). Apparently the audiologist did'nt do such a good job taking the prints (the tips seem very "professional" though) he notably forgot to open my mouth slightly. The result is that 2 years later the fit isn't what it used to be, there is very few isolation and if I open my jaw I get a lot more basses (wth :confused:). But I'm 20 so my ears are probably changing faster...

Instead of buying new custom tips for my IE8 I decided to go fully custom IEM (and after trying custom I can't stand universal tips anymore). Plus the IE8 with custom tips look very bad, not that I want them to be fashion but they look worse than that : http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3571/...3a652e5cd7.jpg mine goes all around the structure (up to the flat part) making a fat silicon mass, when I wear them it looks like badly inserted IEM...
If I buy AS-2 I hope it'll last 3 years until the fit becomes very different.
I'm looking for a sound not that far from the IE8, I'd like them to have more clarity and I think that'll be achieved with the BA, I also believe the soundstage will be even larger (which is very important to me), with the IE8 and the cusom tips I often have the impression that the sound does not come from the speaker but from far away. And the further the better (even if it sounds artificial). The AS-2 should provide a further away sound with the 15mm driver as well as a lot of low basses (like cinema basses I mean). Maybe it would do a good pair with the digizoid by the way. I'm also considering that for later. As for details, the IE8 are great and I expect to have the same or better with AS-2.

Sorry for the very long post... What do you guys think ? Has someone already tried it ? I'm open to suggestions for other IEM but I don't think I'll get better at that price, especially if I wait for a special pricing...
That link was pretty helpful to choose :

Thank you very much :)

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