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singer12 12-15-2012 05:53 PM

my cowon j3 died
ok i had this player for almost a year now and i loved it soooooooooooooooooo much:)But 2 days ago the tragedy striked:confused:.THE cowon j3 got wet and now is DEAD.when i turn on the screen it shows a blue screen only no menus or anything.i tried to charge it many times but no lack.at least i can access the hard drive and transfer my songs to the pc.
My qs now is i ve heared from people say that when this happens one good solution is to put the mp3 or the cell in a bowl of rice and leave it there for some days and it might work again.has this solution worked for anyone?
in case it doesnt work, i cant seem to find the cowon nowhere not even ebay or amazon.and i dont live in us so its more difficult .But i found on amazon the cowon d3 which runs android.is it as good as the j3 or a good j3 alternative?
and any final solution for my j3 to work again if the thing with the rice wont work?

skip252 12-15-2012 07:28 PM

Welcome to ABi:)

Putting a player in a bowl of dry rice works best when it's done after the player gets wet and before you ever try to turn it on. The water itself can cause damage but the real problem is it conducts electricity to places where it shouldn't be and causes short circuits that result in permanent damage.

Since you've been trying to turn yours on and charge it I'm not sure how much good trying to dry it out now will do. You can still give it a shot but if something got fried when you turned it on while wet it may be too late.

I don't have the D3 but I haven't read where anyone that has one thought it was a good replacement for a J3. They say the interface is sluggish compared to other quality Android devices and the hardware isn't the best. Hopefully someone that has one will chime in and let you know from personal experience what they think.

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