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Just Some Guy 12-10-2012 11:54 PM

Are there any DAPs that will take a 128 GB SDXC (Not microSDXC) Card?
I have a 128 GB SDXC card, but nothing to really use it with.

I know that some devices will let you use a SDXC card if it's formatted correctly, and I've used this card on my tablet without issue this way. Great for movies and such. But a tablet is hardly ideal for listening to music, as it's too big and tends to sound worse than my other DAPs.

I've looked this up on google several times now, but I'm not getting any clear answers from the various articles and forum threads I've read. Some players do, some don't, some take a 64 GB card but not a 128 GB card, 128 GB cards are/aren't compatible with this device... there's too much conflicting info and vague guessing.

So has anyone found out, for themselves, what works with larger capacity SD cards? Not microSD, not miniSD, but regular sized SD cards.

I know some will talk about the database scanning taking forever, but I'd rather have more music even if it means taking longer to update the library once every so often.

Marvin the Martian 12-11-2012 03:37 AM

The only one I have hard about is a Cowon D2 with Rockbox installed. IIRC the Rockbox actually has to be installed on the card instead of the internal memory.

Check the iaudiophile forum....I'm pretty sure that's where I read about this.

Just Some Guy 12-11-2012 10:56 PM

That's where I found some of the iffy information.

kp-j3 12-12-2012 05:06 PM

I've personally put a 128gb card in a d2+. It's no where near optimal, which is why I rock what I do for a daily driver. If you find anything other than the d2 series let us know.

Micro SD is an advantage for packaging/footprint, but that's all it's good for, certainly not cost per GB. I'd love to see standard card slots more widespread, but everyone's obsessed with thin for thin's sake.

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