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els236 11-12-2012 04:43 PM

I Think I've Finally Given Up :( -- New Player Ideas
After 3(?) years of having my gorgeous, Black 16GB P3, I am finally wondering whether to get a new multi-media player for christmas.

My P3 has endured a damaged screen (has a crack through it), but it still lived through that with no serious mechanical problems.

But, as you can probably guess now, I too have the dead-spot syndrome. It has gotten so bad as of late that I can no longer access the " OK " button for most system settings (which is a b**ch for the alarm clock and time settings :( ); this feature and option were still available to me as of 1 month or so ago, but now this part of the screen has died too (which means that I now have a constant 5:30AM [was 6:30] alarm clock every week-day even during the holidays, with no means to turn the bl**dy thing off: ironically I can finger-smash the " OFF " button while the alarm is on; one tiny square of screen still alive in the middle [lucky me I guess, or my P3 would be in constant alarm-mode and be totally useless])

Also, while I had the chance I managed to move all my icons to the left-hand side of the screen and also managed to get the right DnSe settings; I also thank whoever built the P3 that you don't need to press " OK " when connecting to bluetooth.

One last problem though, is that the battery is starting to die too. Don't ask me how, but before the battery lasted at least 14h of music play. Now, I can practically drain the battery in an hour.

So, basically, even though my P3 is still in working order (somewhat), it is getting to the point where I am literally listening to a crumbling piece of metal that is breathing it's last breaths.

Do you guys have any ideas of a cheap player (around 100 euro mark) that has the same sort-of sound quality and bluetooth capacities as the P3?

jumbjumb 02-18-2013 03:58 PM

I've had my P3 for 4 years, 32gb black. "Ok" does work for me too!
So i invested myself to get a Galaxy Note 2, yes, it's a phone. It works fine, i like it a lot. But i still miss some features that the P3 had, when the P3 was working.
Nowadays, u will not be able to find a player less than "100 euros", because the PMP/MP3 market is dying, so firms are trying to keep it alive by increasing the price.
So i recommend getting a phone and get Poweramp to "match" the P3.
In my opinion, the DNSE settings can be easily manipulated to Poweramp setting.
If u don't want a phone, wait. Wait for the next Cowon device, it SHOULD be good. That's what im waiting for, kinda.
Hopefully this information is good for you to know, because as a P3 owner, i understand ur frustrations. But at the same time, i felt like the P3 made me a better person, it made me more patient (data transfer) and made me more flexible (everything about it).
haha that's how i feel about this.

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