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Agent_milo 11-02-2012 11:12 PM

Question: Headphone with Microphone mod
A couple of months back I got into this online animation school which requires me to constantly use Skype and a propriety webinar software; meaning I am to use a microphone.

So I've been hunting for a fairly cheap headphone that's comfortable enough to be used for hours at a stretch (classes range between 1-4 hours). Everything seems so expensive though. Options available to me include Plantronics Audio 655, Some Skullcandy stuff (I can't find any Senns with mics included).

Chanced upon this mini microphone thing and now I'm wondering whether if its better to get this and tape/glue it onto my HD 202s. I experimented by cutting out the mic of a cheap Genius headset but ended up cutting the wrong wire. Bah.

What route should I take? Buy a good headphone with mic included or mod my 202s for now?

Mikerman 11-03-2012 11:33 PM

Logitech sells a few different inexpensive headphone/mike sets (or they often can be found as inexpensive, at places like meritline.com and jandr.com)--have you checked them out?

Agent_milo 11-04-2012 12:36 AM

I did, just forget to mention them. There's the Logitech H150, H250 and H390. Also available are the Microsoft Life chat stuff; I can't find much solid reviews though.

Edit: This looks like a good choice; Sennheiser PC11.

I keep hearing about Logitech's comfort issues.

Mikerman 11-04-2012 04:18 PM

I picked up my Logitech phones with mike at J and R, for a whopping US$5. The comfort seems fine (although I don't use computer phones for hours on end), and especially for $5 . . . .

sideways 11-04-2012 05:53 PM

Both logitech and plantronics are pretty solid for VOIP calls in my experience. I prefer the plug and play USB models and own a pair from both manufacturers. You want something with sound that comes out of both ears and is comfortable for a few hours on end.

Or if paired with a bluetooth enabled laptop you might consider a bluetooth headset of some sort. It's wireless and will pair with all bluetooth enabled devices (handy for smartphones and tablets).

Which route you take is up to you.
The corded models with built in microphones are very useful for the power user. Heavy gaming, heavy VOIP, long hours at the computer (no batteries) or for those of us who like one set of headphones that does it all and are not bothered about HIFI SQ (not that either of mine sound bad). If you work on a laptop the USB ones are quite handy in my experience.

Anything wireless is handy but comes with the batteries caveat. If you can take having another device to hunt for batteries for they'll work well enough. You can get both full size and earpiece size devices

Desktop microphones are handy when you have a dedicated desktop and want your headphones to be just headphones. If minimizing bulk on your desk is a priority I'd go with one of the earlier two options.

This is the plantronics set I've had since around 2004. They have been heavily abused since then, one side doesn't work anymore and the adjustment band snapped ages ago. That being said they still do the job. Cristal clear audio recording and clear sound albeit only out of one ear. Has worked on a plug and play basis with every computer I've had since I got them. They have even worked on computers where I didn't have sound drivers properly installed. Highly recommended. http://www.amazon.com/Plantronics-DS...lantronics+usb

Jack4L 11-05-2012 08:11 AM

Alternatively you could get a headset with a decent mic, like the Microsoft LifeChat then just wear them around your neck, using only the mic and use whatever headphones you want. This is what I did for a long time. As long as you aren't turning your head away from the mic all the time it works well.

Oh and avoid Logitech headsets at all costs, our company has been using them for ages, and they are all TERRIBLE in comparison to the Microsofts. Although if you have a reeallly deep voice they can work out well, since they make you sound a little less deep voiced, but for everyone else they make you sound like a robot. They also break way too easily, I've been through 3-4 iterations of their lower end headsets and they have all been pretty bad.

IDvsEGO 11-05-2012 10:47 AM

this mic is a commonly used device for gamers. clips onto the headphone cable and plugs into your PCs mic input. a little less bulky than wearing two sets of heaphones


Agent_milo 11-06-2012 03:48 AM

@sideways I do have a desktop microphone and HD 202s. But I keep having to interchange between my laptop / desktop, it becomes a cumbersome process getting tangled in wires all the time. So generally what I'm looking for is more along the portable lines. Spending much on headphone + mic combo won't be worth it I think.

@Jack4L I've heard bad things about the Lifechat's comfort. And yeah Logitech's stuff has always been a magnet for angry feedbacks.

@IDvsEGO I did come across that mic, but it's unbelievably expensive here for such a simple purpose (atleast in India it is). I could buy two HD 202's with that cash.

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