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Amtus 10-29-2012 01:54 PM

D2+ battery problem?
Hi guys,

I have a D2+ that I bought in december 2010.

When I connect the D2 to my computer or AC it starts charging but soon after it just goes black. I have tried reconnecting it a few times but after a while it starts saying "Battery Full" or whatever it is.

But it is not fully charges and even if I try charging it for hours I donīt get much battery time.

Can anybody tell me if this is a battery problem or should I start looking for a new MP3-player..

thunderstick 10-30-2012 11:59 PM

Sorry to hear that, maybe someone with a similar experience can help you out. If nothing else is wrong with it then my assumption would be that is must be the battery. Even if the battery is finished (which mine will be at some point) you may still be able to get the AC adapter for it (if you live in the USA or Canada) for about $15 iirc. I bought mine over a year ago knowing that my battery will die at some point, and I have no intention of throwing my D2+ in the garbage, since I only use it at home anyhow. Good luck.

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