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Dismembered 10-18-2012 05:36 PM

64GB SDXC in Sansa Clip+ works 100% well?
Hello forum, I know that this was surely debated berofe (i read the threads about it), but because I want to afford a MP3-Player with at least 60 GB, this is crucial to me:

Does the Sansa Clip+ work perfectly fine with a 64 GB SDXC Card (formatted with FAT32), that means:
- same sound quality
- battery life not lowered (or not by a large amount)
- no (reachable) maximum for the amount of files or sth.
- the SDXC cards do fit in the SDHC slots, right?
So if anything might be a problem there, tell me please. :)

And do I need Rockbox for that or not (it's no problem if I need it)?

Yeah, I just want to make 100% sure that everything works well before I waste money on a Clip+ AND a 64 GB card (a 32 GB card is not enough).

Thanks for reading! :)

skip252 10-18-2012 07:17 PM

Welcome to ABi:)

Sorry, no one can give a 100% guarantee that any card will in any player. As you've read the threads involving this you know that if the card is formatted FAT32 it should work. That doesn't give a 100% guarantee that it will work every time. Nothing can do that.

Anything might happen. The player or card might not be up to snuff. Your system may have a problem running the 3rd party software needed to format the card properly. Anything.

Having given that precaution I'll say that unless something unusual happens it definitely should work. I've read at least 40 cases here and other places where all the person did was format it FAT32, pop it in, and everything worked just fine. If everything goes right the same should happen for you.

Tapeworm 10-18-2012 07:52 PM

And even though it should work with the SanDisk firmware (OF), be aware there is an 8,000 (+/-) database track limitation. Unless you're loading FLAC files, you're liable to run into that limit with that much storage space. So if you're using .mp3's or have anything close to 5,000 tracks or more, you'll want to install Rockbox which doesn't have the same limitation.

FreeZ5 10-18-2012 10:11 PM


I hope that my comment is obvious, but you never know.

The Clip+ takes micro SD cards, not full size cards. I don't see the word micro in the original post.


Dismembered 10-19-2012 07:39 AM

(Uhm yeah, I mean micro SD cards, forgot to write that.) :)

I'll buy my Sansa Clip+ and a 64 GB micro SDXC today, thank you all for the helpful advice. :)

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