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2kitties 10-18-2012 11:01 AM

well i know i have a bad player....
Some of the music is distorted. The words not the melody. I thoght it was the headphones but now it seems like the player. Only some of the songs are distorted. What do I do? I cannot Return its been to long. and I don't have money for a new one. Any help would be great.

The DarkSide 10-18-2012 11:14 AM

It's not the player, it's your music. The songs are clipping. Download mp3gain and follow the instructions.

skip252 10-18-2012 11:18 AM

What player is it? How long ago did you get it? Where did you get it? Do you still have a proof of purchase? People who have had to deaal with them say sandisk is pretty good at replacements if you're within the warranty period.

What puzzles me is how a player could be defective in a way to distort just some songs and only the words. That would seem to be the files not the player. What's the source of the files? What type files are they? MP3, WMA, ogg vorbis? What were the settings when they were encoded? What settings are you using when you play the files? Any EQ active? What's the Replaygain set at?

Just saying they're distorted doesn't let anyone know what you're hearing. Could you describe what type distortion you hear? Buzzing, hissing, blurring?

It's a lot of questions but if you can describe what's happening more accurately someone may be able to point out something that you may be able to do to fix what's wrong. The more details the better.

2kitties 10-18-2012 11:33 AM

Dark is there any other way? You know how I feel about downloading things. my other player didnt do this either. It was a meziu 8 gb. I am using a sansa zip clip um... 4 or 8 gb can't remember

The DarkSide 10-18-2012 11:40 AM

Sigh,...it's your music files. They're clipping/distorting. This is a better quality MP3 player your using now, so your hearing the flaws in the files. You need to normalize the files.

Try it out,...it should work easily for you. Install the program, drag & drop your music folder to the open program. Then just run it and you should be finished.

2kitties 10-18-2012 11:56 AM

I also wanted to let you know some of the songs that are now being distorted where previously not distorted.

The DarkSide 10-18-2012 12:01 PM

Try the software,...

Mikerman 10-18-2012 01:20 PM

I agree with the above, although you might try, first, reapplying the latest firmware for the player, in case (slight chance) it's a firmware corruption issue. See the firmware sticky thread at the top of the forum.

JK98 10-18-2012 03:41 PM

If this is a new player, are you sure the headphone plug is fully inserted? On Sandisk players the jack is very tight when the player is new, and a bit of force is needed to get the plug in all the way.

2kitties 10-18-2012 07:45 PM

for some reason moving the headphone part that is plugged into player made the distoration go away. :)

The DarkSide 10-18-2012 08:32 PM

So, JK98 was correct & your problem is solved? Great!!! I'm glad you have your tunes back,... :D

2kitties 10-25-2012 10:06 PM

ARG I'm going to throw this thing against the wall!!!!
i had the freaking type this twice because this site keeps logging me out!!!

my zip clip switches to the next song in the middle of the track bar.
Example. i turn it on to "Rest" then in the middle of the track bar it switches to "In Christ" (yes i am a Christian) and the song title and band name of the last song are still on the screen!!! i push the next track button and the song title and band name look right on the screen but it won't start playing by its self i have to press play. (it plays the next song like it should).
everyone LOVED IT (sarcastic tone) in the reviews. i feel ripped off.

HELP!!! please. thank you.

dave61430 10-26-2012 10:41 AM

I think when someone has reached the level of difficulty you seem to be experiencing with this product, it's time to dump it and get something else. The reason you were seeing so many positive comments is because the people posting were able to achieve satisfactory performance by merely following the recommended procedures.

Tapeworm 10-26-2012 10:58 AM

Some people and technology just don't play well together. But, the fault could still be in the files you're using.

Have you called SanDisk Tech Support? Maybe you do indeed have a defective player. They can determine that and replace it for you under warranty.

skip252 10-26-2012 01:22 PM


Originally Posted by 2kitties (Post 624938)

You make that nearly impossible. You refuse to post any details of what's wrong or give any feedback. Until you provide the needed information to allow someone else to help there's not much anyone can do to help you.

Originally Posted by 2kitties (Post 624938)
everyone LOVED IT (sarcastic tone) in the reviews. i feel ripped off.

Who are you thinking of with this comment? Are you under the impression that all the other people that say it works well for them decided to fake their satisfaction to get you to buy one? Or are you saying you contacted sandisk and they refused to replace a defective device?

2kitties 10-27-2012 10:53 AM

um i did provide the information you needed. what are you looking for? i'm just mad. thats why i said the comment about people loving it.

i am going to save for a new player. this one (that i have) obviously sucks.

Tapeworm 10-27-2012 11:31 AM

If you're convinced the player is defective (which I and others here aren't) again, why don't you call SanDisk Tech Support? If they deem it defective and it's under warranty, they will send you a new one. If that one works OK, then the problem is solved and you haven't spent money on another player.

If it works the same as this one, then you know the problem lies with you, or the files you're using. No worse than now. There's a reason there are so many positive reviews on this player all over the net. It obviously does not suck.

The DarkSide 10-27-2012 12:05 PM

Sandisk will exchange the player without question. I would know, I've done it before.

Tapeworm 10-27-2012 12:22 PM


Originally Posted by The DarkSide (Post 625049)
Sandisk will exchange the player without question. I would know, I've done it before.

Well, there may be 1 or 2 questions . . . :p

The DarkSide 10-27-2012 12:28 PM


Originally Posted by Tapeworm (Post 625052)
Well, there may be 1 or 2 questions . . . :p

All they need to say is it stutters/skips while playing music. I just hope it's easily conveyed by 2kitties. ;)

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