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bobc 10-12-2012 06:33 AM

moving zune folder to ext drive
I have a MS Zune 120 with 45+- gigs of music. Is it possible to move the zune folder (path-my documents\my music\zune) to the ext drive (Western Digital my passport 500gb) and have the zune player update from the ext hard drive rather than the pc hard drive? I am running windows xp. I am already using the ext drive as a back up so my music files and other docs are already backed up on the ext drive.

JSP62 11-14-2012 07:27 AM

You can do that as I have a 1TB WD book as my "archive box" which includes music.

To do this you would have move all the files from the your computer HD to the external HD. Then you would have to resync the Zune and point to the new location.

I am not sure how your sync methods are set up (auto vs manual), but if it is set to auto be sure that the external drive is always connected when you open the Zune software. If not it is not connected, I believe the Zune software will auto updated and delete the files on the device.

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