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freek_zero 09-23-2012 10:48 PM

Wireless+wired headset with breakaway cord?
So I'm working on replacing my ageing and frustratingly BT Plantronics 590A, which though they're obviously not HiFi, have been perfectly acceptable in the audio quality department for me for years. The mic leaves much to be desired mind you.

In thinking about what I would like to replace them with, it occurs to me that an ideal solution would be an auto-switching wireless/wired setup with a quick connect breakaway, something like what Macs use for the power cord (magnetic). This would make for the convenience of wireless without having to deal with battery life or a transmitter pumping out an electromagnetic signal right next to your brain (even if there is no consensus on whether that is a health issue or not yet) most of the time, or the lag and quality loss that wireless comes with. The magnetic quick connect would mean no yanking them off your head as you get up, and also really quick to hook up upon return.

Anyone heard of such a thing? I've searched extensively and come up blank. One company makes a breakaway audio cord, but it isn't magnetic, which would kill half the convenience.

Backup solution will probably be to go with a non-BT (just can't deal with the lag BT adds) wireless unit of good report, of which there seem to be a handful out there.

Tommifier 09-23-2012 10:57 PM

The closest thing to what you're talking about that I know of are the Sleek Audio products - the SA1 and SA6. They aren't cheap, mind, and the wireless kit will run you another $100 on top of the cost of the earbuds themselves, but they have a disconnecting cord (not magnetic) that can be replaced with lag-free, full-quality wireless.

freek_zero 09-24-2012 02:48 AM

Interesting. But def don't want to go in-ear. Looking for all day comfort (the 590As were acceptable there).

As to cheap... i'm assuming anything that does what I want is going to be niche since I haven't found it yeta, and likely $$$. But for something I use 12 hrs a day every day, if it has quality to last for a few years, hell i'd pay damn near a grand. Like a mattress and an office chair%2C NEVER go cheap on the stuff you have to live with all the time.

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