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saucymuffin 09-14-2012 08:01 PM

Zune HD fails to restart/update/work
Hey guys I figure since I haven't found a thread which has helped with this Zune I might as post a thread up.

This is my girlfriends Zune HD almost 2 years old it started to randomly lock up during songs which isn't a big deal. But after doing it about twice it suddenly just stopped turning on, we let it sit for about 3 days hoping it would drain the battery and I plugged it into my computer and nothing showed on the screen. I took it apart to see if something inside it went wrong but it was all good and while putting it back together it magically kicked back on. We got it working again through some sort of miracle and it started locking up again and doing its usual lock up not start lock up not start. More recently (as in starting this week) its failing to sync some of her Zune pass songs and its saying she has to reformat it. Trying to do the typical restart the device and press and hold the media button and home button for so long only results in displaying "Please connect device to your computer" once you do the Zune software on the computer says an update is needed so you click okay and then it gets to step three and just stops. The Zune displays "Please wait. Do not disconnect." and it will continue to display that for hours and days and weeks if I let it. How on God's green earth can I just return this to when she pulled it out of the box? She is driving me up the wall crazy about it and I'm sick and tired of hearing about it. Please help

JSP62 09-15-2012 12:46 PM

You should back hand her and say, "stop bothering me woman" . . . j/k.

It could be a loose connection from the hard drive to the circuit board. Have you checked all the connected and made sure all is connected tightly?

Other than that, it could be that the hard drive is failing. How much use & abuse has the unit gotten? Has it be dropped on the ground/floor before?

Let us know, thanks.

saucymuffin 09-29-2012 08:57 AM

Since she has gotten it shes used it everyday to listen to music in her car or while doing house work, I don't know how many times its been dropped but I can ask her tonight. I'm assuming that harddrives can be bought for these to replace failed ones?

Also sorry for the long pause from OP to this post been busy with school and what not.

JSP62 09-30-2012 10:41 AM

I am not too familiar with the internals of the HD. There is a tutorial on ABI: http://anythingbutipod.com/2009/09/zune-hd-disassembly/

You can also find one on RapidRepair of iFixit. The latter has hi-res photos.

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