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UnquestionablePresence 09-03-2012 04:06 AM

MartinLogan Mikros 70
Don't see much about these new IEMs from Martinlogan online. I decided to pick up a pair and try them out. Only had 'em for a couple days and only partially broke them in (played music through them for about six hours today), but I'll post some initial impressions.

As soon as I heard about these I was very interested in trying them out. I'm a fan of ML's entire speaker line and was very interested in how their first pair of headphones would sound. Coming from a premium manufacturer like ML, I expected them to sell for more than their MSRP of 149.99.

These use 6.6mm dynamic drivers. They're very lightweight and are constructed of anodized aluminum, very attractive. The cord is thin, but seems to be fine, and is terminated in a gold-plated right angle plug. The plug is emblazoned with the ML "M" Script logo. They include three pairs of rubber ovals and small and large flanges, along with a very nice (faux?) leather carry case.

Initial impressions: I'm very pleased with the sound so far. I find the listening experience is actually pretty sonically in line with their Hybrid Electrostat speakers. They're very neutral/transparent sounding, with great imaging and a very wide soundstage. Midrange is full, rich, and forward sounding. treble is incredibly clear, buttery smooth, and doesn't sound harsh or hang like I sometimes find with my UE TF.10. Bass extends well enough, and is very tight without any discernible boominess or bloat. These are definitely not basshead phones though; I actually wouldn't mind if there was just a bit more low-end on these things, but overall I am very pleased. So far I'd have to recommend these - I'm very impressed with what ML has done with these!:cool:

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