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nupi 09-03-2012 01:30 AM

Need a replacement for my deceased JVC FX500
So after more than 2.5 years, my beloved FX500 died the no more music in one ear death.

I overall liked them a lot, with the exception of the abysmal isolation. Does anyone have a recommendation for an IEM (universal ideally, custom seems like a huge hassle but I am willing to entertain the idea) with a similar signature (i.e. stellar bass, decent mid/heights) with better isolation and decent build quality? I am quite flexible when it comes to price, but if its above 200USD, it better be worth it....

A couple of contenders I am looking at right now
Sennheiser IE 8 pricy but still among the best for what I read
Panasonic HJE900 reasonably priced but very hard to get it seems
VSonic GR07 Bizarre looks but so far plenty of positive reviews, still trying to figure out how to get them to Switzerland
Hippo VB well priced but I have made bad experience with Jaben's private label phones when it comes to durability

Anything HiFIMan is out, after buying both RE0 and RE2 following HeadFI FOTM, I conclude that their bass just does not do it (and they are a shady outfit to start with).

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