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labama 08-31-2012 02:04 AM

Creative Zen V.W - External HDD

I need more space on my Creative Zen Vision W.
Can the Creative Zen V W - handle a USB external HDD ?

I was thinking about a 2,5" 500GB HDD in a ICE Box or something ?
can that be possible ?

Anybodu have a good idear ?

Thanks =)

Sorry my english isnt so good ;-)

Happy-ZVW 11-01-2012 12:56 AM

Increasing storage space
Sorry, the Zen Vision W cannot access external storage drives using the mini-USB connector. Your only method for increasing storage capacity is to swap out the internal hard drive. Several folks have upgraded their Zen VW with 60Gb, 120Gb and 200GB drives You need a 1.8" drive with ZIF interface.
Be sure to install the correct Creative operating system for your player (30Gb O/S for Zen VW 30GB, 60GB O/S for the Zen VW 60GB). NOTE that the O/S does not have to match the hard drive capacity of your new HDD - you just have to use the O/S that matches your player's original configuration. The O/S will work correctly on the bigger HDDs and the player will display the actual drive capacity. You can even use Compact flash cards as the internal HDD - I have a Transcend 133X 32Gb CF running in a Zen VW (amazing battery play time when there is no spinning disc sucking the volts)
Check the forum for other threads on drive replacements to find instructions and hints on this project.
Links to helpful sites:




Good luck! Please post your progress as you do the upgrade so the Forum can see the results.

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