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Jonatello 07-04-2012 09:44 AM

freaky Folder-browsing glitch
hi, i promise i searched before asking, wasn't successful, but maybe my search terms were wrong.

anyhow, i've been experiencing the strangest thing with my J3 regarding folder browsing.

Every once in a while i'll click into a folder of some album i'd like to listen to, and when i click on a song, it doesn't play, but rather starts playing the first audio file in the first alphabetical folder in my entire J3 file-system. It doesn't happen across the board, but it generally seems to affect a minority of (*seemingly* randomly-selected) folders.

Then to fix it for a particular folder (say "Album X"), all i have to do is plug it into my computer, copy Album X onto my computer, delete it from the J3, and re-copy it back into the J3. Then its all good...but then some other album or folder in the J3 seems to randomly become afflicted with this.

Now the extra-odd thing is that when a particular set of mp3s is being boycotted by the folder browser, I'm still often able to play these songs if i can find them via "artist" or "song" browsing...but tag-browsing is often not my preferred way of listening to music.

Very strange, i wonder what's going on.

Jonatello 07-15-2012 08:48 AM

anyone? i donno if its getting worse or my luck is bad, but lately it seems to be doing this with more folders than before

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