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WalkGood 02-19-2010 08:05 AM

Cleaning IEM's or Custom Monitors
Cleaning your iem's or custom monitors
  • Ear hygiene - keeping ears clean goes a long way and try to clean ears before iem or custom monitor use
  • Use a cleaning tool like this, typically you can pick them up at a local audiologist office for free or about the same price, to remove dried wax from the housing tubes. If you have the metal mesh protecting drivers, you would also have to use a pin or needle to clean the mesh, be careful not to go in deep as you could damage the drivers
  • After you have removed the dried up wax with cleaning tool, dip the tips of the housing in a solution of 60/40 water and hydrogen peroxide, make sure that you do not submerse them and dry with soft cloth
  • Wipe the exterior housing with a damp cloth or the same 60/40 solution and dry after with clean cloth
  • I use warm water on tips and mild soap solution to clean them well and allow to dry completely before I put them back onto iem’s
  • If cables are plastic, wipe cables with something similar to 3M plastic cleaner or armor-all wipes, make sure you always test a solution on something similar to make sure it doesn’t damage the plastic shielding of your cables and plastic parts
  • Storage – Keep your iem’s/monitor’s in a safe dry place when not in use. A nice case with a desiccant pack or block also helps keep the moisture from humidity out and keeps them dry

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