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krazziejrboi 05-25-2012 11:46 PM

Shuffling Problems???
I was wondering... I have about 500 songs in the music folder, and when i enable the shuffle mode it only plays the same 143/500 songs on repeat. i dont hear any of the other songs i have on there????

DSperber 05-26-2012 06:29 AM

How are you entering the play process? Library -> [Songs]? Or some other way (e.g. are you starting Library -> [Folders])?

What is your music collection's physical folder structure underneath \Music?

krazziejrboi 06-12-2012 03:00 PM

i made another subfolder labeled PLAYLIST with all my selected songs in it...
i put it on l-->, shuffle, folder icon... i tried messing around with the shuffle options but the same songs play in the same shuffled order lol

DSperber 06-12-2012 06:10 PM

Once you use the browser to produce a playlist, the shuffled order of that playlist is retained indefinitely until you use the browser to change that playlist... at which time a new shuffle is then performed and also then saved. This allows you to power the J3 off, and then power it back on and continue playing through that originally shuffled playlist.

The idea is to NEVER have a repeat in a shuffle, once you shuffle. So as long as you don't force a re-shuffle (by using the browser to rebuild a new playlist somehow and then push PLAY on a track to initiate the shuffle, save it, and begin play at the song you selected) the last shuffled/saved playlist will just continue in that shuffled order forever.

This is GOOD.

For example, all of my FLAC files (about 1100 of them) have a "genre" in their tags of "FLAC". These are my "favorite favorites", with the rest of my music collection (another 5600 tracks) in MP3 form.

So when I want to play nothing but my "favorite favorites" (i.e. nothing but FLAC), I start the process using Browser -> [Genres] -> [FLAC] -> [All tracks]. That presents a list of 1100 tracks (coming from all my FLAC tracks, on both internal and external storage).

I then navigate in that 1100 track list (I use the UCI package, so I'm using "first-letter jump search" with Leaf) to what we'll call "track #1" which is actually nothing more than the very first track I'd like to hear right now, immediately. Then I tap that track to begin play with that track.

Tapping that track initiates the shuffle of all 1100, but the track I tapped will be the first song played. The shuffled list is now saved, and play through that list is now continuous... in the shuffled order as was saved.

Now after playing any number of songs I'm done for the time being, so I push STOP, and power the J3 off (or put it to sleep). Say I've played 25 songs (i.e. the first 25 tracks in the sequence defined by the shuffled list). The J3 remembers the last track which was playing, so say it was somewhere in track 25 in that shuffled list.

Later, I power the J3 back on.

Now I "resume" from where I last was playing, by simply pushing the Music button on the main desktop. The J3 retrieves the previously saved playlist (from that last shuffle), retrieves the location of where it was in that playlist (i.e. track 25), and the music player is positioned to start playing at that same track 25.

And continuous play from that point continues on through track 26, 27, etc., never repeating the earlier tracks 1-24 which have already been played. I can power off and on the J3 and play for weeks or months (as long as it takes to move through an 1100 track playlist) and never have a repeat. Every time I power off and power on it picks up where it left off in that last shuffled list. This is the intent of shuffle, and play. Never repeat, even if you turn the J3 off and back on... just continue on through that last shuffled/saved list.

Now if you really do want to initiated a new shuffle, just start the Browser process again from the top. When you finally do press PLAY a new shuffle of whatever playlist you've constructed will be initiated and the shuffled playlist stored, and you're once again off and running with a brand new shuffled list... which again will not change unless your force it to change.

This design actually has a TERRIFIC benefit, in that once shuffled and saved, the order of the tracks in that shuffled list is never-changing. So if for some reason you wanted to go BACKWARDS in that list (say to repeat a sequence of a few tracks for a friend that you heard yesterday while listening), you could push the SKIP-BACKWARD button to retrace the exact tracks you previously played (from the currently playing shuffled list) in the order you played them.

So not only will you never have a repeat, but you will also be able to backtrack and then come forward through the very tracks you've already listened to... since the list will never be changed, once shuffled, unless you force a re-shuffle.

I've been listing to one shuffle of my 1100 FLAC tracks for weeks. I'm up to about 600 out of 1100.

krazziejrboi 06-18-2012 03:29 PM

ok so i think i know what youre saying, since all the music i put in a folder keeps repeating songs, i need to retag those favorites labeled "something" and when i go back to the browser go to the categories and play all "something" instead of a folder right? im going to try that now

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